Our FCAWM Newsletter is published twice a year, usually in late spring and in the fall. Members receive it by mail or email. Anyone with an email address may sign up (by clicking hereto be notified when the next issue is published.

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For a list of the contents in each issue, scroll below. 

NEW  Fall 2019 Newsletter. Content includes:

  • Caskets and Coffins and Shrouds, Oh My! (announcing Annual Program)
  • Electing Trustees and Officers; Seeking Volunteers
  • Learning from Caitlin Doughty
  • The Fun of Building Your Pine Box
  • Who Ya Gonna Call?  A Helpful Article from 2012
  • Funeral Rule Review; Price Comparisons

Spring 2019 NewsletterContent includes:

  • Greetings from the Board of Trustees (group photo)
  • Susie Maddern, Trustee  2012-2019
  • Education and Outreach
  • News from FCAEM: launch of new website and logo
  • Expanding Options Beyond Burial or Cremation: News from WA
  • Report of 2018 Annual Meeting & Program
  • Green Burial Massachusetts, Searchable Database of MA Cemeteries
  • Coffin Building Workshop
  • Spanish translations of FCA resources
  • Recruiting New Board Members
  • Updating Funeral Rule to the 21st Century

Fall 2018 Newsletter.  Content includes:

  • Funeral Home Prices in 2018
  • Green Burial Massachusetts Cemetery Research Project
  • Caskets! Options for Buying Your Own
  • Inspirations from  National FCA Conference, Rochester
  • Massachusetts Collaborations
  • Helping Children and Teens Deal with Death

Spring 2018 NewsletterContent includes:

  • Pull Up a Chair, Let's Talk about Death (MA CoA outreach)
  • On Board Recruiting
  • Cemetery Survey: Volunteers Needed
  • Answering Questions about Cemeteries (report of October 2017 panel) 
  • Reflections on Steelmantown Cemetery in the Pine Barrens…
  • Announcements of FCA Conference, FCAWM Annual Meeting

Fall 2017 Newsletter. Content includes:

  • Reflecting on Cemeteries, by Joan Pillsbury
  • A Call to Action from FCA of Eastern Mass 
  • Questions about future projects (Should we compile a directory of cemeteries?)
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • The Death I Want: A Doctor Fights for His and Our Last Rights

Spring 2017 Newsletter.  Content includes: 

  • Outreach to Councils on Aging
  • Summary of program: Cremation: Pros, Cons & Environmental Impact
  • Aftermath of the Ryder Scandal
  • Answering Phone Calls and Other Inquires from the Public
  • Announcement of upcoming Program re Cemeteries

Fall 2016 Newsletter. Content Includes:

  • Comparing Prices in 2016: Good News and Bad
  • Opportunities to Serve
  • Meet Trustee Cecile Richard
  • Cremation Pricing in Western Massachusetts, 2016
  • Advocacy for Change

Spring 2016 Newsletter.  Content includes:

  • A Tale of Two Caskets
  • Announcement of our new phone number & message system
  • Reinvigorating the Alliance!
  • Photo of "Five (or more) Shades of Green” panel; summary.
  • Green Burial news: 501c3 formed.
  • Have you attended a Death Café yet?

Fall 2015 Newsletter  Content Includes:

  • Five (or more) Shades of Green
  • Revision of State Regulations
  • Death, Up Close and Personal
  • Strategic Planning Retreat
  • Spreading the Word about FCA Resources

Spring 2015 Newsletter  Content Includes:

  • Public invitation to comment June 16 on revision of MA regulations governing funeral directors 
  • Profiles of two new Trustees
  • Summary of last fall's program: Choices in After-Death care
  • A wonderful letter on page 5 thanking FCAWM for solving a problem.

Fall 2014 Newsletter   Content includes:

  • Collaborating across Massachusetts, and beyond
  • Books of Interest
  • An Educational Forum: Dispelling Myths about Funeral Prepayments
  • Need an Oversized Casket?
  • How to Mail Cremated Remains
  • New report on Dying in America
  • Annual Meeting & Program announcement: Choices in After-Death Care
  • Green Burial Massachusetts film screening, A Will for the Woods
  • Good news from IRS

Spring 2014 Newsletter.  Content Includes:

  • "No it’s not ‘all taken care of’” (Grim Reader article by Josh Slocum)
  •  Who has the right to arrange the funeral?
  • Letter from Josh Slocum
  • Website update (March 2014 launch of revised site)

 Fall 2013 Newsletter   Content includes:

  • Annual Meeting & Program announcement:  October 20, 2013, 2-4pm, Cremation Options and Trends, a panel of four speakers.
  • Home Funeral Workshops in Leverett (Oct 26) and Warwick (Nov 9)
  • Cremation Options in Western Masssachusetts (an update of our handout)
  • What is Memrystone?
  • Have you heard of Death over Dinner?

 Spring 2013 Newsletter  Content includes:

  • Report of the 2012 Annual Meeting, election results and profile of new trustee. 
  • Next Annual Meeting: Saturday, Oct. 20, 2013
  • Webmaster position opening and other volunteer opportunities
  • Education and Outreach activities
  • Home Funeral Workshops
  • Your Digital Afterlife
  • Contributions (new IRS information)
  • Planning for 2014

 Fall 2012 Newsletter   Articles include:

  • Annual Meeting Sunday October 21, 2012 Full Information
  • features a film clip talk by author Gail Rubin -Laughing in the Face of Death: Funny Films for Funeral Planning 
  • 2012 Funeral Home Price Survey overview
  • The Devil is in the Details, or the Value of Preplanning 
  • 30 Funerals in 30 Days!

Spring 2012 Newsletter   Articles include:

  • Who Ya Gonna Call? Don’t Call 911
  • Green Burial Update
  • Top Five Regrets of the Dying 
  • Speaker for 2012 Annual Program: Sunday October 21, 2012 with Gail Rubin, author of A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die

 Fall 2011 Newsletter  Articles include:

  • What FCAWM has accomplished in the past year.
  • Funeral Planning for the Living workshop information
  • Your Digital Afterlife - a book review by Sandy Ward
  • Giving Life When Life Ends  by Miryam Ehrlich Williamson
  • and other articles related to this year's Oct. 23 Annual Meeting program on donating one's whole body, organs, tissues ... even medical devices.