2014 Funeral Home Price Survey

Every two years FCAWM surveys funeral homes in Western Massachusetts to obtain General Price Lists (GPLs). Funeral homes are required by the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule (revised 1994) to provide a General Price List to anyone who visits in person and inquires about funeral services, and to provide specific prices if requested by phone. 

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We had a higher response rate (71%) than in 2014.

In January 2014 FCAWM trustees and volunteers sent a letter to each funeral home in Western Massachusetts. We received replies from 45 of these funeral homes. Thirty eight funeral homes did not reply. Six funeral homes have closed, and some businesses have consolidated sites. We have noted whether ownership is local or part of a corporate chain.

The Price Survey consists of two parts: BOTH should be viewed.

1. An ANALYSIS of the survey including methods and general results along with cautions and definitions necessary to interpret the price list.
 Click here for a printable Analysis
(3 pages). 

2. A PRICE LIST presented in spreadsheet format. Select the 2014 Price List (from menu below) sorted the way you prefer.  

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For comparison purposes, we have not yet deleted the previous price survey.  Click here to read about, and view, the 2012 Price Survey.   

We are also posting an experimental new table, which is actively sortable.