Directory & Price Survey

Every two years we conduct a survey to funeral homes in western Massachusetts and update our listings here. We completed the 2016 Price Comparison by Labor Day and posted it on this website 9/8/16. 

We also occasionally gather and share information about other services (cremation, caskets, etc.) that would help consumers keep costs low. We are not trying to create a comprehensive directory of businesses selling death care service or products.

Disclaimer: Our listing of service providers in no way represents an endorsement by the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Massachusetts of any listed provider. The funeral homes, crematories, and casket retail outlets are listed solely for the purpose of facilitating consumers' exploration of options and comparison shopping.

BEFORE visiting any funeral home or considering any advertised offers for funeral products or services, we strongly recommend that consumers read basic information regarding the Federal Funeral Rule and Massachusetts Guide to Planning a Funeral