We offer educational brochures on a variety of topics. The brochures are free; many of these brochures are may be viewed online, or downloaded to your computer for printing. Many are available from the national FCA website, under FAQ Pamphlets (in pdf format) or under Consumers (in webpage format). 

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All the brochures listed below may be requested from us, and we'll do the printing and mail the results to you.

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NOTE  - this list is under revision. Most of the links had to be changed (summer 2016) because of changes at the national FCA website. We will be working to improve this page. We may merge this page with our "More Information & Links" page...   

Funeral Planning

Financial concerns


Donating body, organs, tissues

  •  Giving Life When Life Ends (FCAWM)  [reprint from Fall 2011 newsletter]
  •  Organ and Body Donation 
  •  Recycle Your Medical Devices

Green or natural burial