2004 Annual Meeting

Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Massachusetts

Summary of the 2004 Annual Meeting

held Sun., Oct. 17, 2004 at Loomis House, Holyoke, MA

The meeting featured a presentation "Funeral Prepay Pitfalls", presented by Mr. Byron Blanchard (Treasurer and Clerk of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Eastern Massachusetts) exploring how to find the least expensive and safest way to secure the final arrangements you want - without burdening your family when you're gone. 

Trustee elections were completed successfully, resulting in a full nine member Board of Trustees. However, there were no nominations for the officer positions specified in the bylaws (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer). Since the bylaws mandate that officers be selected from among the elected trustees, it was decided to give the trustees authority to make a final attempt to select officers from their own ranks at their first official Board of Trustees Meeting, to be held within two weeks following the annual meeting.

        - - - 

The Board of Trustees of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Massachusetts met on October 27, 2004.

New officers were elected:

President: John Fatherley

Vice President: Harley Unger

Secretary: Tom Wilson

Treasurer: Ceil Lewonchuk

John Fatherley's appointment as a trustee was approved by the Board (following the acceptance of the resignation of a trustee, newly elected at the annual meeting, who found that she would be unable to serve).

New trustees Sylvia Kriebel and Linwood Dodge were welcomed to the meeting.

Continuing trustees (in addition to the officers listed above) are Ed Brown, Carol Coan, and Randee Laikind.

Logistical arrangements were made for the assumption of duties by the new officers.