Who We Are

We are volunteers. We are interested in educating the public about low-cost options for death care and ways to select meaningful and dignified services. We advocate for consumer rights. We are not affiliated with the funeral industry.

The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Massachusetts, Inc., a non-profit 501c3 organization, is governed by a Board of Trustees elected from the membership.   

Our Board of Trustees, as of October 30, 2019:

President:  Cecile Richard, Springfield
Vice-President: Jim Couchon, Springfield
Treasurer:  Joan Pillsbury, Gill
Secretary:  Kate Mason, Greenfield
Sandy Ward, Holyoke 
Elizabeth Bristow, Northampton

IMG 4432.jpg

Board of Trustees after October 30, 2019, meeting
L to R: Elizabeth, Joan, Sandy, Cecile, Kate, Jim


Below is a photo of who we were in October 2015:

IMG 2921 2

Joanna, Sandy, Kathleen, Carol, Joan, Susie, and Trevor
 at "Strategic Planning Retreat" 9/24/15

Our Board of Trustees, as of October 18, 2015:

President:  Sandy Ward, Holyoke 
Vice-President: Cecile Richard, Springfield
Treasurer:  Joan Pillsbury, Gill
Secretary:  Kathleen Winkworth, Leverett     
Trevor Boeding, Greenfield
Susie Maddern, Greenfield
Joanna Brown, South Hadley

Other Volunteers

Carol N. Coan, Past President of FCAWM, co-chairs Green Burial Massachusetts, teaches "Funeral Planning for the Living" workshops at Greenfield Community College several times a year, speaks to groups, edits publications, and responds to inquiries.

Eileen Pratt, a former Trustee, continues to assist with mailings and publicity, as well as helping during annual meetings.

The list could go on, but this gives an idea of who we are.  We of course welcome new members and volunteers.